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I was born in 1994 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a visual artist and graphic designer. I express myself through pictorial abstraction with emphasis on the study of color and line. I currently live and work in Paris.

I started painting at a very young age in Alejandra Seeber's workshop at the Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires. Throughout my training as a graphic designer and my experience as a gastronomic professional, I always painted and drew in a self-taught way. I lived in Buenos Aires, Uruguay and Spain, where I continued to develop my work simultaneously with the study of the diverse scenarios and artistic experiences of each territory.

Artist Statement

Mara experiments with different materials such as acrylics and crayons using palette knives, rollers and brushes, and with printmaking techniques.

Her work arises from an instinctive and connective impulse: to investigate the relationship between pictorial elements. Each pictorial gesture evidences the dialogue between a texture, a color and a line. The chromatic experimentation makes the planes vibrate without stripping them of their structure, but subjecting them to a tension that assumes names of colors, creating new emerging meanings. The incessant movement between elements that need each other and are different, points to the notion of totality inherent to diversity; and also to abstraction as an experience of the whole and nothingness simultaneously with the consciousness of our body as structure.

The square as an inheritance of the pictorial tradition recurs in the composition of Mara's works and is the reason for experimentation on the internal configuration of each one. The square, which is a frame, a grid and a concentration of energy, finds its counterpoint in the deliberate drips of paint. These liquid gestures decompress the rigid structure of the work by introducing a vital and dramatic component. Sometimes, they integrate the composition of the work and sometimes they form a "B-side" pictorial body: scraps of cotton paper where the artist unloads her palette knives registering the smells of an instinctive painting. A complementary consciousness of tension-distension. In the interval inhabits her work: a search for the organic in the structure, an aesthetic affirmation renewed in each bet.

Rhythm, color, silence (the white), continuity-discontinuity, and ultimately, time, give pulse to the composition of each work. The choreography of lines that become abstract landscapes or chromatic essays, evidence a specific instant of the infinite in transit. The stain, the plastic geometry, the hardness of the spatula: stages that replicate formal spectrums and resonate with emotional correspondences, giving rise to theemotional correspondences, giving rise to the mysterious subjectivity of the interior forms.

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